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In response to a lot of interest in this area, I thought it may be helpful to devote a page to relevant information.  If anyone has any info or links - please let me know.

I do not endorse any particular therapy, product or information.    It is sound advice to seek medical opinion prior to starting any alternative or complemetary therapy.

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Dr David Comings MD has a chapter called "Non-Prescription Medications" in his book "Tourette Syndrome and Human Behavior". (available from in USA)   He discusses:

Diet  -  particularly in relation to ADHD.  In some children hyperactivity has been decreased by avoiding:  sugar, simple carbohydrates, food preservatives, food colouring, dairy products, chocolate and tomatoes.  They can be part of a standard food allergy elimination diet, or many of them have been incorporated into the Feingold diet

Amino Acids  -  Dr Comings discusses the pros and cons of each of the following:   tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylalanine.

Vitamins  -  B6 (pyridoxine) seems to be the most important in TS.     Trials were negative on B6 affecting tics, although some people believe it helps.

Amino Acids & Vitamins  -  Nicotinamide and tryptophan (together) may be helpful but results are mixed.   Vitamin B6 and tryptophan (together) - potentially useful but untested.

Over the counter Medicines  -  Dr Comings reports that a few parents have found some of these medicines beneficial - others found they made no difference.  I am reluctant to name the medicines - particularly as one is known to be dangerous when given to children.   I strongly believe that these preparations only be used in consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable medical practitioner.

Symptom Substitution  -  Dr Comings writes that it is possible to eliminate a particularly unpleasant symptom by replacing it with a more acceptable one.  An example given is snapping fingers instead of spitting.


The   TSA UK    supply a Complementary Therapies information pack available for 3.  It contains information about various alternative remedies including nutritional elements, dietary and vitamins (accompanied by relevant literature)  The Pack is available from Chris Mansley - please e-mail him at   [email protected]   Well worth the investment - it also includes information about conventional treatment.


Discussions at Alt.Support.Tourette 

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Discussions at MGH Forum

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News about various alternative treatments for TS at Latitudes inc.  algae, amino acids, biofeedback etc etc
Articles on alternative TS treatments at Latitudes
Non-Medication Management of TS -  at Tourette Syndrome Plus

Vitamins and Food Supplements

Nutritional Supplementation and TS  (Latitudes)

Many TS related articles at Latitudes

Case Report on Amino Acids  (Latitudes)

TS and Lab Tests   (Latitudes)

Environmental Triggers of TS - survey at Latitudes

Bonnie Grimaldi  Vitamin Regime & Hypothesis

Cheryl George's site  e-mail Chreyl from her site for info about an additional supplement called BarleyGreen.  Althought her site specifies ADHD, she also has success using the supplements for her daughter who has TS

Tryptophan and TS

The Handle Institute

Feingold Diet  specifically for ADHD and allergies

Yahoo links for Feingold Diet


Other (TS related)

Sensory Integration Therapy

Auditory Integration Therapy

Neurofeedback & TS

EEG Biofeedback for TS

The Handle Institute

TS - the Environmental/Allergy Connection

UK TS Discussion Forum inc messages re alternative treatments

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Nicotine info

Nicotine may improve attentiveness in TS

Nicotine-Like Drugs Aim at Psychiatric Ills

A Cigarette Chemical Packed With Helpful Effects?

Nicotine has curative power

Nicotine Gives Leads to Treating Brain Disease

Nicotine's Kick - Fighting Brain Disorders

Nicotine patch aids Tourette's

New TS drug awaits study   TSA USA

Nicotine help for Tourette's

Could nicotine help Tourette's?

The Benefits of Nicotine

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Cannabis discussion in the forum   

from the discussion archive

Alt.Support.Tourette "cannabis" search results

Alt.Support.Tourette "marijuana" search results

Cannabis Discussion at MGH forum

Search for more cannabis/marijuana discussions at MGH

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Alternative sites non-specific to TS

Natural & Complementary Therapies

Natual Woman - info re alternative products, vitamins, minerals, herbs etc     UK Online Shop

Positive Health  Shop, articles etc

St Johns Wort FAQ

Benefits of Biofeedback

Dietary Supplements

Alternative Medical Web Sites

Herbal Info

Herbs for kids

Herbs for kids - what's safe, what's not

Homeopathy Home

British Society for Music Therapy

Healthy Sounds

Music for Health

Drumming for Health

Yahoo UK Alternative Medicine links

Natural Medicine  categorised links to many other sites    Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem & Assertiveness

Relaxation techniques

Anxiety Self-Help


Breathing techniques

Dr Stoll - Info about combining conventional & alternative medicine

Latitudes info for ADHD, OCD etc


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