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The question is frequently asked in the Discussion Forum "Where can I find a doctor?"

Sadly, most General Practioners have very limited and often inaccurate knowledge about Tourette Syndrome. 

The TSA publish a list of Psychiatrists or Neurologists who specialise in the treatment of Tourette Syndrome and it's associated conditions such as ADHD and OCD.   The Referral List is not available online, but you may contact the TSA for details   Website

I am unable to personally recommend any particular doctor, but from those frequent discussions in the forum, here are a few of the larger Tourette Clinics who have been recommended by visitors to this site:

The Tourette Clinic, the National Hospitals for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queens Square, London
Tourette Clinic, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, London
The Tourette Clinic, Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital, Edgbaston, Birmingham
The Learning Assessment Centre, Horsham, West Sussex
St Mary's Hospital, Manchester

This list does not at all represent all those available -  many of the specialists may work alone in smaller clinics.  Please ask in the Discussion Forum about others, or contact the TSA

If you are in Scotland - contact the Scottish Tourette Syndrome Support Group.  Contact details for Ireland and other groups on this page.

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 17 March 2002  Date last updated