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Information about Tourette Syndrome

TS & Tic Disorders
         Explaining Tics
         Coping with Tics
         Frequently Asked Questions
                Finding a Doctor
            Many kids with TS get better in time   Research article
         Tourette Awareness   article
Other Problems 
        OCD in TS - a Spectrum?   Research article
        Repetitive behaviors in TS and OCD article
History of TS
Alternative & Complementary Therapies
Information Sheet, Leaflet & Poster
         Information Sheet
         Leaflet    -  Word document
         Poster    -  Word document



        Letter to Schools
        Letter 1 - General TS Information
        Letter 2 -Template for letter about your child


Life & Strife  -   Stories, Poems, Humour, Kids Section  etc

Family   -  Our Story
    My Tics
    Sensory Integration Dysfunction?
Life & Strife 
        Stories - Life with TS
        More Stories
        More Stories 2
        More Stories 3
        More Stories 4
        About Us
        The Beast Within
        Will Somebody Listen?


Children and Young People

Kid's Fun  
        More Animation
        More Animation 2
        More Animation 3
        More Animation 4
        Animated Gifs - the Full List
            Christmas Animated Gifs


Links Pages

Links -   Tourette Syndrome
        TS Links 2      
        Other (Personal) TS Web Pages     
Other Links   Associated disorders etc
        Other Links 2
Free Links Page



Discussion Forum    
Guestbook & E-Mail Directory
Chat Room
    Chat & Back Up Chat Room         Chat Times, links to Back Up Chat Room etc    
TSA UK & other Support Groups
Telling your child
Forum FAQ


Miscellaneous Others

Guestbook Archive
Internet Security
        Cyber Stalking Story     
Making your own Website?
        Programmes for making your website
Keywords - how people find us at the Search Engines (what they search for)


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