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This page contains information about terms or keywords that people have searched for at major search engines such as Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista, Google, UK Plus etc - and managed to find this site as a result of that search


Search Keywords Tracker at Hitbox - Unfortunately, doesn't seem to monitor all the search engines referrals.  Hitbox does though give information about the most popular search terms etc.  Bravenet have supplied most of the information below, but they don't store it.  I (and you if you're interested!) can view the referring information for the previous 50 visitors via the Bravenet counter link at the bottom of each page of the site.   There have been many hundreds, perhaps thousands of other referring search terms that I have not recorded.   I have only recorded these terms during a 3 week period end October 2000 - mid November 2000. 

"Tourette Syndrome" is of course the most popular search term, together with many variations and misspellings such as:   tourettes, touret, teret, torett, tirets, tourett, tourettes disorder etc etc.   (The above link at Hitbox gives some idea of the frequency of those terms in relation to all others)  I have not included those in the following list.

The terms that 'get' to me most are those such as "nervous habits", "habit spasms", "sniffing", "smelling fingers", "head shaking"  and the like.  They remind me of what I might have been searching for not so long ago, and I just hope those folks find at least some of the answers they're looking for here.

There are other terms in the list that make me wonder how on earth they find this site!  But I hope those people learn a little while they're here!

Some of these terms crop up repeatedly, others appear only once

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adhd & the maudsley hospital

alternative therapies


amy wilensky

anxiety & head shaking



birds eye fish fingers

bleeding throat

blue ball syndrome

bonnie grimaldi



bravenet guestbooks

chat rooms

children explanation tics

clubs uk

conduct disorder dsm 4

de clarembaults syndrome

definition of animals kingdom

definition of associated register

discussion forum

dopamine disorders

dresslers syndrome


educating children with tourette syndrome


education special needs

educational implications behaviour special needs

emotional lability

eye blinking

eye tic


facial tics


free adult chat room

free ireland & scotland chat rooms

gnvq advanced business

great ormond street hospital

habit spasms

head shaking

health stories

heaven's special child

helsinki syndsrome

history of tourette syndrome

icon learning

illustration of tourette syndrome

it support uk

jim eisenreich

kids fun


life stories

lowell handler

make me

mental health in the uk

motor tic disorder

music news

nervous habits




ocd and tic disorders

online support groups

pictures of people with tourette syndrome

professor mary robertson

obssessive compulsive

ocd uk


parenting a teen with aspergers


rcpscyh (royal college of psychiatrists)


ritalin & amitriptilline

samuel johnson

send4fun site

sensory integration

sensory integration & dairy products

shaken baby syndrome

smelling fingers


social skills

somatiform pain syndrome

special needs education

special needs uk

statementing process

statistics of tourette syndrome

strep A infection



success tourettes stories

support definition

support groups

support logo

support stories

swear syndrome


syndrome webring

the autism file

tic disorders

tic eye condition


tic syndrome

tourette syndrome and dentist

tourette syndrome uk association

transvestite support groups



ts parents webring


uk basketball

uk young people adhd

what is coprolalia

where can I buy a relaxation tape

where grown-ups hide things

winning ways

yourname uk

yucky jokes for teens

ziprazidone and tics

ziprasidone and tourette

I'm hoping that as the search engines pick up on the newer pages, such as Internet Security and the Animation Page - those pages might bring in more visitors who I hope might be interested to look at the rest of the site, and will learn a little about Tourette Syndrome whilst they're here.    

19.11.00  - Yes, they're showing up already - see Page 2 - Tourette Syndrome Support in the UK




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