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Silence of Tourettes

Sarah James


Willing eyes,

stare through meeting minds

Friendly talk heard by nervous ear

Then hid like song in space of quiet

Writhe in silent pain.


Acquainted eyes,

stare through learning minds

Sure exchanged of spoken text

Then bounced from soul into light


And Tic.


Baffled eyes,

stare through intrigued minds

Quiet question

Reveals truth


Then pause.


Clouded eyes,

stare through misted minds

Judging views

Fall on gentle skin

Then shot like daggered bullets

Writhe in silent pain.


Opaque eyes,

stare through blinded minds

Sparks of tongue strikes innocent heart

Then flown like light speed arrow

Writhe in silent pain.


Pierced skin

Severed heart

Vacant eyes and

Shattered mind Mask of darkened smile

I live in silenced pain.



It hurts

by Vallentin

It hurts so much
Not  to be understod
To be laughed at
Made fun of

It hurts so much
Being inside
Looking out on people
Who don't understand

It hurts so much
Knowing I'm not crazy
But acting like it
Trust me, I want to change

It hurts so much
Knowing you are so ignorant
You won't ever understand
What I'm fighting everyday


On the inside looking out

by Vallentin

Imagine a window
Between you and the world
You will never break it
It's the only thing, that keeps you sane

Imagine a world
Within these walls
It whispers in your ears
Controls your life, and your thoughts

Imagine a war
Inside you head
Impossible to win
But don't give up, don't give in.



Why me

by Jenny Worth

why me,

always me,

my brain is like a busy bee,

I'm really stressed and all the rest,

My life is really not the best,


Why me always me,

Kicking and screaming at my mum,

life is a real bum,

Anger comes when I don't know,

I wish this stupid thing would go


Where is help when I need it

by Jenny Worth

Cry and scream is what I do,

But not because I hate you,

I cry and scream because I hate myself and this stupid illness,

It makes me hurt myself, when this happens I get scared about my life,

I feel as if no one cares and if they did they wont be there,

Standing by my side. 




by Jenny Worth

Please, please help me God something's going wrong,

I'm feeling really angry inside what is going on,

I'm a T.S sufferer with OCD,

I'm trying to live a life, but I all I can wish is death,

Please, please God take a big deep breath, and make me better,

Please dear God make me better make me strong help me find what's going wrong.



by Joey

Many problems have we all,
Some are big some are small.
Do you think to run away,
So to leave them for another day.

I always want to leave this race,
But TS follows at same old pace.
Now and then it takes a rest,
But soon hits back at its best.

The anger when it's so bad,
Makes others sad or sometimes glad.
I know that it can never end,
That's something I'd like to pretend.

Carrying on I pay the bills,
Time to take another pill.
Many give their sympathy,
But soon forgotten is the apathy.

It's my fight like a lot of us,
For the ones that we love and the ones that we trust.
Nights spent with TS not wanting to sleep,
Makes me strong but then also weep.

If the problem is there for all to see,
Then hiding it away seems the best for me.
For all people with problems large and small,
Does this poem tell of mine at all ?


My Life

Mark Brown

My life's been good 

My life's been bad

But I've always had

My Mum and Dad

My life's been a mess its been full of stress

My life's been mad

My life's been 2 different people -

One was charming and one was alarming

My life's full of confusion -

Which one's bad, which one is amusing

My life's been annoying but I've been enjoying

My life's been fun - look at all that I've done

My life has been mostly good -

Whats the point being in a mood 



I don't know why I feel like this

But I really, really do

At the moment, I feel I'm stuck in icy     sticky glue

Jenny Worth  (aged 12)


When God was making sons one day,

He made an extra batch,

The parents for these little boys

Would have a special catch.


He made them slightly different,

Not the same as all the rest,

The special batch he made that day,

Were by far the very best.


He made some little changes,

He filled them full of fun,

He gave them wit and humour,

And a very special mum.


They're made to keep you on your toes,

To take things in your stride,

To cope with situation,

And hold your head with pride.


They're designed to try your patience,

And test you to the limit,

But they also come with special love,

And a very high spirit.


One day you will wake,

And your son will be a man,

You will know in your heart,

You've done the best you can.


You gave this little boy,

The very best you could,

You guided him through life,

As any parent would.


Now, step back and remember,

How it all begun,

The little boy that blessed you,

Was from batch code TS1



Just a thought !!!

Why oh why do you look at me,

it's not my fault, can't you see?

It just happens at it's will,

I twitch and shout and can't keep still.


I leap, I jump, or fall on my bum,

and no, it's really not much fun.

I squeak, I shout or sometimes yelp,

and no there's nothing that will help.


I spit high into the air,

I can land it on a chair,

In your lunch or on your coat,

and yes, I know it's not a joke.


I often come to sniff your leg,

or trampoline upon your bed,

I squeeze and pinch and sometimes lick,

It has a name, it's called a Tic.


Everyday I tic you see,

It's just a big part of me,

I also fidget and race around,

I can really cover a lot of ground.


Then there comes the noisy bit

I also swear as well as hit,

My jaw goes click, my teeth go crunch,

It's really hard to eat my lunch.


What are you thinking, I can't see,

Why oh why do you look at me?

I'm just a child with something hidden,

I do things that are forbidden.


I have something deep inside,

Something that I just can't hide,

I have an illness you can't see,

There is no cure, I'll never be free.


I have feelings, I cry too,

I just can't help the things I do,

I have an illness, called TS,

I really try to do my best.


So before you judge and before you stare,

Think of me, I do care,

It shocks me, just like you,

And there's very little I can do.


So spare a thought when I kick my foot,

Think of me, as you look,

It's not really funny, it's not a joke,

I'm just a regular kind of bloke.


I try to stop, but it's all in vain,

TS can really be a pain.

I am happy in my dream,

TS and me, the inseparable team.




I Hate People  - by Mark Brown


I hate people, they are bad.

All they do is make me sad.


I hate people - they get me mad

All I just say, they're really sad.


I hate people, they are sick

I'd love to hit them with a brick.


I hate people, they just stare,

I'd love to blow their heads off with a flare.


I hate people, they are evil,

they just think I have no feelings...

Well I do, and I'm sad.

I hate people.

I Sigh and I Cry   - by Mark Brown              

I wonder, I blunder, I sigh and I cry

I sit alone and wonder why

Why I cry is unknown

But I know I'm not alone

I have a Mum, I have a Dad,

And they are there when I am sad

I get depressed and very stressed

I love them and they're the best

My Name is Darren  -  by  Darren Wills


My name is Darren, Darren Wills,

My head starts to twitch when I miss my pills,

Yes, my head starts to twitch,

And my leg begins to kick,

Folk look away and say -

"That nut's sick"


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