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TS Articles 

Many kids with Tourette's get better with time

Tourette Awareness & Televison

TS - A Most Misunderstood Condition 

Brain Secrets of Tourette Syndrome Revealed       (refers to this research) 

Pieter Nagel's FAQ

Out of Control - Amy Wilenski (Telegraph article) 

It's OK to tic!  message at MGH forum 

The 9 faces of a TS parent  Letter to parents of newly diagnosed children

Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada - articles

Nova Scotia TSA articles

Myths and Facts - Roger Freeman

Evolution & TS  Dr George Gericke

Mind Style  Pieter Nagel

Herders & Loners  Pieter Nagel

Wyrd Kids & Planetary Survival  George Lynn

The Constraints of Limits  Wendy Faulkner

Patient Information on Tourette Syndrome

Characteristics of Handwriting

The Littlest Tic Can Interrupt Learning

Helping Children who have Tourettes

Myths about TS - TSA

Definition and Classification of Tic Disorders

Pamphlet on TS

Tourette Syndrome Plus articles

TS in adult life

Tourette's Terror

Dr Greene's House Calls

Growing up with TS

Redefining Normal and Worth

A Mother's Coping Guide

Living with the Mysteries of TS

About Men:  Possessed

Papers by Dr David Comings

Understanding Coprolalia

Autism & TS  (Stims & Tics)

Tics & Psychostimulants

TS - the Environmental/Allergy Connection

The Infinite Mind - TS Radio programme (listen online - I hr long!)  


The Price of Freedom - Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Student Defies Tourettes

A Story of Tourette Syndrome

TS Video  

Girl with passion for life   

'Prince' Delights in Dance   

Teacher overcomes TS

Interview with Amy Wilensky author of "Passing for Normal"

Teacher and TS

A Mother's Quest for Answers

A Surgeon's Life by Oliver Sacks

Samuel Johnson

I can't help it!   Lowell Handler in Salon magazine

Jim Eisenreich

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf


Tai Chi Master with TS    

Stories at Tourette Syndrome - Now What?

Never Lose Face (Journalist with TS)  

History of Tourette Syndrome

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PANDAS Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections



PANDAS - case study of TS/OCD   follow the links to "special subjects" then "PANDAS"

Treatments reduce symptoms

Plasma Exchange & Immunoglobulin for PANDAS 

PANDAS at the OC Foundation

OCD & Tics linked to sore throats

Research confirms strep  (article)

Blood Test (article)

Link between strep & TS refuted

Strep Infection possible stimulus in tic disorders   

PANDAS Message Board at MGH

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Europe          French       Other Languages

French GTS sites    -    Sites francophones

Traduisez ce Site

Association Française Syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette             (AFSGT)

Guide pour parents

Fondation Canadienne

Syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette (belge)

Questions et Réponses

Syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette
Tic et syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette
Forum par Jean-Alexandre
Yahoo France GTS Liens
SGT ou SGT et plus... Quelle est la différence?
Caractéristiques de l'écriture chez l'enfant atteint du Syndrome de la Tourette
Une éducation en pédagogie
Neuf façons comme Parent d'envisager le SG
La rispéridone pour les crises de rage dans le Syndrome de la Tourette
Mise à jour sur la recherche portant sur le Syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette


Other Languages

Belgium   Het Syndroom van Gilles de la Tourette      (site francophone)

Denmark  Dansk Tourette Forening

Finland  Suomen Tourette Yhdistys

France   Association Française Syndrome Gilles de la Tourette  

Germany  Gilles de la Tourette Syndrom   (Tourette Gesellschaft Deutschland )

Netherlands  Nederlandse Stichting Gilles de la Tourette

Norway  Nasjonal Kompetanseenhet for ADHD, Tourettes syndrom

Poland Syndrom Tourette'a (choroba tikowa)

Spain Para aprender sobre el sindrome de Gilles de la Tourette  (See also Spanish links here)        AMPASTTA

Sweden  Svensk Touretteförening

Switzerland   Tourette Gesellschaft Schweiss

Addresses in other European Countries





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