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tosy.co.uk - Tourette Syndrome Support in the UK

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Associated Disorders




Depression & Bipolar

Autism & Aspergers

Conduct & Behavioural Problems

Sensory Integration, Dyspraxia etc

Central Auditory Processing & Hyperacusis

UK General Information


Education and Special Needs

UK Charities

UK Health Sites with further information and links

DSS Benefits Information (UK)



addinfo.co.uk    ADD at mindinfo.co.uk

ADD Contact

ADD Net UK   UK information and support on Attention Deficit Disorder:

ADHD at mindinfo.co.uk    Info & Links (inc links for women, girls & adults with ADD)

Mentors in Schools Network  UK (ADHD Family Support Group)

The Hyperactive Children's Support Group

Guidelines on the use of Ritalin

ADHD Sanctuary

ADDERS  Thanet, Kent UK  Support Group  - with many links to other UK groups/sites

ADDUP  Leicester based ADHD support group

ADHD Factsheet   RCPsych (UK)

Stimulant Medication for ADHD  RCPsych (UK)

The Restless and Excitable Young Child RCPsych (UK)

Chadd   Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 

ADD at About.com


One ADD Place


Outside the Box

HADDIT    ADD Humour

Diagnosing Bipolar or ADHD

ADHD Underdiagnosed in Girls

Born to Explore  The Other Side of ADD


ADHD at Suite 101

ADHD - a Child's Point of View Suite 101

ADHD at Medscape

ADHD Child's Point of View at Suite 101

Alphabet Soup    Children & Teen guide to ADHD

ADDVANCE  for women and girls with ADHD

Fatty Acids & ADHD

Nutitritional & Dietary Treatments

Alternatives at Latitudes

Alt.Support.Attention-Deficit     Newsgroup   -    via your browser

Alt.Support.Attention-Deficit     via your newsreader

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OCD at mindinfo.co.uk

Obsessive Action UK

First Steps to Freedom UK

National Phobics Society  UK

OCD Notes - Exeter (UK) University

Children with OCD   BMJ Article

OCD & Young People  - Maudsley Hospital (UK)

CD-Rom for OCD

OCD in Young People -  Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK)

Helping Children to Cope with Worries and Anxieties - RC Psych Factsheet (UK)

Cognitive Therapy   RCPsych (UK)

No Panic   Helpline 01952 590545

OC & Spectrum Disorders Association

OC Foundation

OCD Hope  Florida Resource Centre

OCD at Medscape


Hope for OCD - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

OCD at NIMH article

OCD Resource Centre inc. Club OCD for young people

Article - Does your child have OCD?

OCD at TS+

OCD in TS - A Spectrum?

OCD with TS

Sensory Phenomena in OCD and TS

Repetitive behaviours in TS and OCD

Anxiety Disorders in Children & Adolescents   Medscape article

A Guide for Patients and Families

Treatment of OCD

ICD-10 European Description of OCD

OCD - Diagnosis & Treatment in Primary Care   Medscape article

Trichotillomania Learning Centre

OCD at School

Coping Strategies

Teen OCD

Treatment of OCD in Children

Other OCD links

Summary OCD

Awareness Foundation for OCD

OCD Online

Neurology of OCD

OCD at Suite 101

Christian OCD site

Cherry's OCD site

alt.support.ocd   newsgroup - via your browser

alt.support.ocd   via your newsreader

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Autism & Aspergers

National Autistic Society  UK

Autism & Aspergers Factsheet  RCPsych (UK)

Autism Independent UK

The Autism File


Children with Autism  Suite 101

Aspergers at Suite 101

Autism & Aspergers at TS+

Autism Connect  -  requires registration


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Conduct/Behavioural disorders

Behavioural Problems and Conduct Disorder  RCPsych (UK)

Rage at TS+

Behaviour Problems at TS+

Oppositional Defiant Disorder


The Children of Rage

Practical Parenting Tips - coping with children's behaviour

Parenting Q & As

Anger Self-Help

BBC Health - Parenting

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Sensory Integration,  Dyspraxia   etc

Sensory Integration Therapy & SID in TS

Sensory Integration at TS Plus

Sensory Integration Resource Center

Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Sensory Integration International

Sensory Integration at autism.org

Sensory Integration Dysfunction in young children

Sensory Difficulties can affect learning

Southpaw Enterprises


Sensory Integration - with lnks to articles

Jen's Info Site

SID at medhelp.org


The Hidden Disorder

The Out of Sync Child  at amazon.co.uk

I am trying - tips for SID & Dyspraxia

Sensory Integration Forum at MGH



Dyspraxia Foundation  UK

Dyspraxia Association of Ireland   What is Dyspraxia?

The Power to Change  (The Discovery Centre)

Dyspraxia & Physiotheray

Notts Dyspraxia Foundation

Manchester Group

alt.support.dyspraxia   at Deja

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

CAPD Links

CAPD - A Guide

What is it?

Visual & Auditory Processing Disorders

Auditory Intervention Techniques


Hypersensitivity of Hearing

American Hyperacusis Association

The Hyperacusis

A Survivors's Tale

Tinnitus & Hyperacusis centre

The Tinnitus & Hyperacusis site

Hyperacusis - what is it?


Non-Verbal Learning Disorder

NLD on the Web 

NLD Line


Handwriting problems/dysgraphia


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