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Associated Disorders




Depression & Bipolar

Autism & Aspergers

Conduct & Behavioural Problems

Sensory Integration, Dyspraxia etc

Central Auditory Processing & Hyperacusis

UK General Information


Education and Special Needs

UK Charities

UK Health Sites with further information and links

DSS Benefits Information (UK)



National Depression Campaign UK

Depression Alliance  UK

Coping with Depression

Depression in Children and Young People   Written for young people

Suicide and Attempted Suicide in Young People  RCPsych (UK)

Depression at Suite 101



Mood Disorders at TS+

Depression in Children and Young People  RCPsych




Manic Depression/Bipolar

Manic Depression Fellowship

Manic Depression Fellowship

Bipolar Affective Disorder in Young People RCPsych (UK) Factsheet

Diagnosing Bipolar or ADHD

The Bipolar Child

Childhood Onset Bipolar

Bipolar Disorder in Children & Adolescents

Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

Bipolar at Suite 101

Bipolar Planet

Bipolar Disorders

Lithium Therapy RCPsych  (UK)

Manic Depressive Fellowship Wales


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First Steps to Freedom UK

National Phobics Society  UK

Helping Children to Cope with Worries and Anxieties - RC Psych Factsheet

Anxiety and Phobias  RCPsych

Coping with Stress - a Guide for Young People

Anxiety Disorders in Children & Adolescents   Medscape article

Childhood Anxiety Disorders    Medscape article

Anxiety Self-Help

Social Phobias    RCPsych


Anxiety Disorders at NIMH

Anxiety - Changing Minds  RCPsych

Anxiety Self-Help



The Anxiety + Panic Internet Resource

Anxiety Disorders  index at NIMH

Anxiety Disorders at Internet Mental Health

Anxiety & Panic at Suite 101

No Panic   Helpline 01952 590545

Sleep Problems in Children   RCPsych (UK)


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General UK sites with further health information & links

Mindinfo.co.uk  Mental Health Links & Self-Help Info 

Mental Health & Growing Up   RCPsych

Health in Focus

Contact a Family   UK  Many links to many other organisations


Patient UK

Ability.org.uk  UK   Many links

Helplines UK

Charity Net UK

Mental Health UK links

Mental Health UK Self Help Groups

UK Health Centre

Mental Health in the UK

Information Exchange for the UK (mental health)

Feelgood UK  links to support organisations

PsychNet UK

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UK Charities concerned with children's mental health

Bullying.co.uk   UK

Young Minds   UK     Concerned with the mental health of young people 

Childline  UK


@ease   UK  interactive site for young people

Mencap UK

Parentline  UK

Careline  020 8514 1177  (telephone counselling for children, young people and adults)

Factsheets from the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK)  on a wide range of problems

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DSS Benefits Information   (UK)

DisabilityNet UK lots of info relating to disabilities including DSS benefits

DSS Benefits Agency

General Benefit Information site

DSS Website

Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board


Northern Ireland DHSS

open.gov.uk links to all UK government organisations

Citizens Advice Bureau  (National Association - with lots of info, and links to local CABs)

National Disability Council



Self-Worth.com    Self-Esteem

Create your own Website at Treeway

Register your Domain Name at Easily.co.uk  

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