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I wrote a letter to all the schools in my area, and wondered if others would like to do the same.  You can edit the letter as much as you wish - to adapt it to your particular situation, or use it as it is.  You may like to add more information about ADHD or OCD, which I did not include.  You can download the letter as a Word document, or simply print it from a web page - in which case to edit it, you'll need to click on "Edit" at the top of your browser, and choose your editing programme - your own word processor.  If you are unable to edit the text for whatever reason, click on Edit, then Select All, then Copy.  Open your word processor, right click and Paste (or click on Edit and Paste)

If you have any ideas how this could be improved, let me know.  Perhaps I should remove the facts that are specific to my son.  I'm sure it still needs some work!  If you know the e-mail addresses of any schools, perhaps we could e-mail them (I'll do it if you send me the addresses, and you can therefore remain anonymous)

Letter to Schools Word Document

Letter to Schools Web Page

If you use the letter for your own child's school, then omit the references to my son, and include the strengths and difficulties of your child.  It's vital to include their strengths, what they're good at, what they enjoy.   That does not mean only academic strengths - but may be your child's personality traits and character etc.  Here's a sample template to use for that initial letter about your child

The letter should be accompanied by further information.  You may use the Information leaflet or sheet, or the TSA's Q & A Leaflet.  The Leaflet is a Word document, which will print onto 2 sheets of paper.  Please print one page at a time, turning the sheet over and re-inserting in the printer, so that the leaflet prints as double-sided.  The leaflet may take a minute or so to download.

The Information Sheet is in Web page form.

Questions and Answers Leaflet from the TSA


17 March 2002   Date last updated