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washbasins for the priest to cleanse the communion vessels and for the ceremonial washing of hands, situated at the south side of any altar). The location of a piscina behind the present organ console would indicate the former presence of an altar to the west of where the Chancel arch is; most probably the original High Altar, before the present Chancel was built. The present High Altar has an unusually large piscina, and in the Chapel of the Archangels, to the north of the Chancel, there is a piscina intricately carved in granite(c.1475-1500). The north aisle and Chapel were added in two stages in the 13th. century, as can be seen by the ceiling. Above the pulpit there is a carved dog's head, the mark of a stonemason. Considerable change was made to the appearance of the church in 1876 during the incumbency of the Rev'd. T. Bell, who was Rector for 50 years. The re-ordering of the Chancel, re-seating of the nave, and the mosaic reredos of 1904 is evidence of his influence.

The window in the Chapel of the Archangels contains its original fifteenth century tracery, and the glass is from the nineteenth century studio of William Morris: The main east window above the High Altar is a memorial to John Ingrouille who was imprisoned in Germany during World War II, and died in a Brussels hospital before he could reach home. The window at the south west end of the nave is the work of a local artist, Miss Mary Eilie de Putron, showing the risen Christ appearing to S. Peter. who is clad in the blue Guernsey and sailcloth trousers of a local fisherman. The window at the west of the Baptistry, depicting the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the world, was designed by our Licensed Reader, Mr. Peter Derham.

There is a ring of six bells (tenor Bb 6cwt. 2 qtrs. 23 lbs.) which were cast in 1891 using in part the metal from three mediaeval bells. Visiting bellringers are always welcome at our practice on Monday evenings.

Recent improvements to the church fabric have included new choir stalls and thatching candlesticks, made by Guernsey Woodcarvers. A new first-floor choir vestry has been built, occupying a space where, in the eighteenth century, there was a musicians' gallery. Underneath the stairs leading to the choir vestry is a simple kitchen facility. In memory of 50th. anniversary of the liberation a

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