Vale Church News

The August Edition was published on 15th July 2001
August Letter from the Rector
August Diary
The July edition was published on 24th June 2001

July Letter from the Rector

July  Diary

From the Registers:


16th June             Carl Thomson & Fay  Pulleyn

16th June             Jean-Paul Hubert & Laura  Noelle Matthews

30th June             Jason Neville & Chantelle  Nanninga
7th July                Gabriel Jayison & Michelle  Ellis
14th July              Jay Khastgir & Daniella  Rixson


10th June               Jake Stephen Thomson
17th June                Isabelle Alice Stirling Glass

1st July                    Jack William Le Tissier
8th July                   Kieran Stuart Phillips
8th July                   Nathalie Andrea Le Cloarec

8th July                   Melissa Patricia Wilson
8th May                  William Edward Marygold
6th May                  Edith Le Moignan
11th May                Elsie Lily Noyon
18th May                Peter Windsor Le Cras
23rd May                Michael Brown
26th May                Harold Henry Guilbert

12th June                Thomas Benjamin De Garis

21st June                Muriel Edna Evelyn Tom  Sebire (ne้ Sebire)
29th June                Arthur Whitely
2nd July                  Ethel Mary Noyon (ne้ Le  Page)

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