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05 October 2002
Keith Brown


ACW Skirmish
22nd September 2002

The Winners Bench Jeer the Losers (pdf version)


“Mad Matt” Stuart charges a wall lined by the Boys in Blue – result, an early bath for the Grey Riders.


Meanwhile back on the other wing “Johns” Horse ensure the road is well trampled and, as the photo shows, John was nearly tempted to move them.


At least John’s guns saw some action.



In the centre, the Rebs pushed forward.



Only to be held and pushed back but the dismounted Northern cavalry.



Having lost his horse and foot, MM Stuart, tries to make an impact on Lt Brown’s infantry and guns assaulting “Big Round Top” down the centre of the battlefield and MMS appears oblivious to the threat from Capt P’s infantry fast approaching from his right flank.


Lt B ignores MMS’s feeble attempts and is firmly focused on the main target.