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05 October 2001
Keith Brown

African Warlords Campaign

Hello Every one,

In the early Autumn I will organise a mini campaign ( series of battles) set in late 80's Africa. The total amount of games will be 2 on average, 1 if you do badly or don't like it, and 3-4 if you like it or do well.

 So over the next couple of weeks think what you might like to be

Peoples Popular Front
Super Power backed Client Force
Religious Nutball
Ex Colonial Power

All you need to do is work out your force composition as par the rules (AK-47 Republic), it will take about 10 to 20 mins and every thing else is done 10mins before the game.

This way having to organise a micro campaign will make me paint some soldiers! Honest I will.

Matt Cable.

PS   Jason please remember the tanks and soft skins for next weeks game. thanks.