Outlook Express

If you have Internet Explorer, you may use Microsoft Outlook Express for sending and receiving Email. Use the following guide to help you setup Outlook Express

Open Outlook Express.

Select Accounts from the Tools menu.

Select Add... then Mail.... Proceed to the next step.

Follow the wizard questions through. Make sure you enter your exact email address, as shown. Click next to proceed.

Fill in the settings as shown below.

Incoming server: mail.gtonline.net

Outgoing server: mail.gtonline.net

Click Next to proceed.

Change the settings to your own POP account name, which is the same as the piece before the @ sign.

Eg, if you have the email address: [email protected] the POP account name is fred

Enter your normal GT Online password.

Make sure both are in lowercase (and that caps-lock is turned off)

Enter a name for the account. This can be anything you want.

Select: Connect using

Select: Connect using my phone line

Select: Use an existing dial-up connection: GTOnline, as shown below.

Click next, then Finish.

You can now use Outlook Express to send and receive email.

If you need to edit the properties in the future, Select Accounts from the Tools menu, as above.

Then select the GT Online profile, and click Properties. If you have used the Wizard to setup, then you have now finished.

You can now edit the settings.

Enter your details, using the example below as a guide.

Again, edit the settings, using the guide below.

Make sure your Account name and Password are both in lowercase.

Select the options as shown below.

Leave the settings on the Security and Advanced tabs as the defaults.

You can now use Outlook Express to send and receive email. You can test this by sending an email to yourself. If you require further support, please email [email protected],or telephone our technical support team.