How to create a connection to GT Online using a mac



Before you can create a connection to GT Online you need to have a valid GT Online freenet account. Click here to create your account. Once you have successfully created your account follow the instructions below.


If you do encounter problems with the set-up of your account please call the Technical Support Helpdesk on 0905 155 0000 (calls charged at 60p per minute)



1.      You need to set up four Control Panels for Internet Access. Use the Apple Menu and Control Panel to select them. They show in Alphabetical order.


2.      TCP/IP Control Panel. Select Connect via PPP (default). Set Configure to Using PPP Server


3.      Modem Control Panel. As appropriate for your computer (e.g. for an iMac select iMac Internal 56 K) The default will be the correct modem.


4.      Remote Access Control Panel. Name should be your Internet User Name (the first part of your address, up to the but not including it). Password is your Internet password that you chose when you set up your account. In the number box enter the correct number to dial. This will depend on your account type.


By default, all GT Online accounts are set to access the Internet via the Freenet number. The Phonenet tariffs offer call discount and are available to Subscribers only. Please call 719 991 for a Phonenet Application Form and more information.


Freenet                      0845 255 5432

Phonenet Pro            0845 255 0101

    Phonenet Digital       0800 976 9760


5.      Internet Control Panel. Click on the news tab, then set News Server to


6.      To connect to the Internet double-click on the Browse the Internet icon on your desktop. This will start your Browser, and initiate a connection to the Internet.


When you have finished, select the Remote Access icon in the Control strip (usually at the bottom of the screen) and choose Disconnect. You can also chose Status Display, and click on the Time Connected button, and a clock will show you how long you have been connected to the Internet.