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The Ins and Outs of E-mail

Next to surfing the web, email is the prime motivator for most people to use the Internet. For the average user there are two ways of using email. These are to write, send and receive email through a website (browser based email), or to use software on the PC to write the email which then talks to an Internet Service provider (ISP) to send and receive the email (POP 3 email).

Unlike many other ISP's, GT Online offers you the choice using both browser based email and POP 3 email for no extra charge. This can be useful for the travelling person who might have their home or work PC configured to collect their email via POP 3 software (such as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Mail or Eudora) but when they are away from their PC pick up mail from the portal website at

Browser based email

Browser based email is very easy to sign-up to and use. Because it is accessed via a website you can connect to it anywhere in the world on any PC so long as it has Internet access. This is how Internet Cafes can offer a service that allows lots of different people to use the same computer to access their own email messages.

The upside of browser email is that it involves no configuration or cost and is easy to use. The downside is that it is not so good at performing more complex functions such as sending and receiving file attachments, which can be a very slow process. Also, a big issue for some people is the fact that you need to be connected to the Internet for the whole time you are writing your email. This can lead to big phone bills.

POP3 email

POP 3 stands for Post Office Protocol and requires its own component part of software that holds the users individual account settings. Often this type of email can be rather complex for the uninitiated user to set up if they do not have the correct guidance to hand. This is because settings need to be correctly inputted into specific fields to ensure correct authentication. The GT Online set up instructions make the set up of POP3 email easy as it that takes you step by step through setting up a new email account and helps you to configure your the computer software.

Once POP 3 email is set up on your computer it offers a great deal more functionality. A significant benefit is that it allows you to write your email without being connected to the Internet. Once messages have be written you can dial up to the Internet and the software talks to the email server and sends all new messages and collects any new inbound messages.


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