Microsoft Internet Mail

Open Internet Mail, select the menu, click Mail and then Options

This will bring up the main options dialogue box, many of the options tabs in here can be left as default, we are just going to cover the ones that need to be changed if you want to alter your identity or account details.

What do I need to amend when I.......

Change my GT Online password - Clear the password box and carefully type your new password in, remember that it must be in lower case. Want to change my alias - change the part in front of the @ in the Email address box and also you may need to change the Name box.

Once you have altered these setting click on the Advanced Settings.... button

If you have changed your username or have a problem with your reply to address make sure that the Reply To box has your correct reply to email address entered (if it has any).

The other important settings in this dialog box are the Leave a copy of message on server, which should not be ticked, and Do not download messages over XXXX KB which should be ticked if you do not want to download large messages which you think might be waiting for you.

Once you have changed any settings that may require changing click on Ok on the dialog boxes until you are back at the Internet Mail main menu. You will need to close Internet Mail and restart it before all the changes take effect.