The phonenet digital SuperPort

  • SuperPort is an ISDN based product that facilitates the phonenet digital tariff.

  • The SuperPort network terminating equipment (NTE) is a wallbox that presents two analogue ports and two digital ports (see fig.4)

  • SuperPort is not a connection device. You will need a separate ISDN compatible ‘Terminal Adaptor' to connect your computer to the SuperPort wallbox. A standard analogue modem will not work over a digital line. Visit your local computer store for the best help and advice on getting the right equipment for your computer.

  • The SuperPort has a total of 128K Bandwidth available to it. This is shared between all of the ports.

  • A telephone call and an Internet call can be made at the same time providing that the Internet connection is made at 64k only (see fig.1). When accessing the Internet at 128k it is not be possible to make or receive phone or fax calls over the other ports (see fig.2). Click here for info on how to configure you PC to allow you to switch between these options.

  • Two telephone or fax calls can be made simultaneously through the SuperPort providing that there is no Internet connection in progress (see fig.3).

  • The analogue ports and the digital port have separate phone numbers associated to them. The Guernsey Telecoms bill will show the value of calls made from each number.

  • Only calls made by phonenet digital subscribers to GT Online on 0800 9769760 will be free of charge. All other calls will be charged at standard rates.

Figure 1 - Simultaneously connect to Internet via phonenet digital at 64k and make a phone or fax call.

Figure 2 – Connect to Internet via phonenet digital at 128k

Figure 3 - Simultaneously connect 2 phones (or faxes)

Figure 4 – Image of SuperPort Network Terminating Equipment (NTE / wallbox) installed at customer premises