Dial-up Configuration for 128k Access

Locate the 'My Computer' Icon and double click it to open the folder

Then locate and Double Click the 'Dial-Up Networking'

Then locate and Double Click the 'Make New Connection'

In the dialogue box that appears, type in 'GT Online' and select your modem as shown below and click 'Next'

In the next dialogue box type in the telephone number as shown below and select the UK region and then click next

You will then receive a confirmation dialogue box, click 'Finish'

You are back at the 'Dial-Up Networking' folder, put your mouse over the newly created 'GT Online' icon and click the RIGHT mouse button once and you are presented with a menu, select 'Properties' as shown

Click the 'Server Types' tab on the next dialogue box and make sure your settings match the diagram below then click the 'TCP/IP Settings' button

At the next dialogue box, make sure your settings match those illustrated below and click 'OK'

Select the multilink tab and make sure the 'use additional device' check box is checked

Click the 'add' button, enter the number shown below in the telephone number box and select your second line from the drop down menu. Then type in the telephone number as shown.

Click 'OK' and go back to the dial up networking window. Double click on the GT Online connection, type in your username and password and it should connect at 128k.

You can you can find out whether you are connected at 64k or 128k by right clicking the connection icon, in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop and selecting the 'status' option

This will bring up a box as shown below. This box also allows you to suspend or resume the connection on the second digital line, allowing you to toggle manually between 64k and 128k

You should now have 128k access.

NB: To connect at 128k the terminal adaptor must be the only thing connected to the superport line. All of the other ports must be empty.