How to create a connection to GT Online using

Windows 95 or Windows 98



Before you can create a connection to GT Online you need to have a valid GT Online freenet account. Click here to create your account. Once you have successfully created your account follow the instructions below.


If you do encounter problems with the set-up of your account please call the Technical Support Helpdesk on 0905 155 0000 (calls charged at 60p per minute)



1.      Go to your Desktop: this is what your computer shows you each time you turn it on, and it has settled down ready for work. The desktop displays icons for the various programs in your computer.


2.      Double click on the icon for My Computer. A new screen appears with more icons.


3.      Double click on the icon for Dial-up Networking. A window appears.


4.      Double click on the icon for Make a new connection. A window appears.


5.      In the slot labelled Type a name for the computer you are dialling type in GT Online. Select your modem and then click on Next at the bottom of the window.


6.      Another window appears. In the slots labelled, Area code, Telephone number and Country code type the phone number to Connect. By default, all GT Online accounts are set to access the Internet via the Freenet number.


The Phonenet tariffs offer call discount and are available to Subscribers only. Please call 719 991 for a Phonenet Application Form and more information.


Freenet                       0845 255 5432

Phonenet Pro            0845 255 0101

Phonenet Digital       0800 976 9760

When you have entered the phone number, click on Finish.


7.      You are now back in Dial-up Networking and you will see an icon for GT Online. Click on this with the RIGHT-HAND button of your mouse.


8.      A list appears. Click on Properties at the bottom. A window appears displaying four pages headed by tabs. Click on the tab for Server Types.


9.      At the top of the Server Types page, is a slot labelled Type of Dial Server. To the right of the slot is a black triangle. Click on the black triangle, which will bring up what is known as a drop-down menu. This reveals a list of Server types. You want the one beginning PPP. Click on it to highlight it


10.  Now look at the little squares lower down in the window. Click inside the bottom square that is labelled TCP/IP. A tick appears in the square. There should be no ticks in any other square. If any other square has a tick, click on it, and it will disappear.


11.  Select TCP/IP Settings. Tick Server assigned IP address, Server assigned name server addresses, Use IP header compression, and Use default gateway on remote connection.


12.  128k users only. Click on the tab for Multilink. Select Use additional devices. Click the Add button. This will bring up a window called Edit extra device. Select ISDN Line 1, and enter the appropriate number in the telephone number box (see instruction 6 for numbers). Next select ISDN Line 2 from the drop down menu and enter the appropriate number in the telephone number box.


13.  Now click on OK at the bottom of the window.


Another screen will appear. Ensure that your User name, Password and Phone number are entered correctly. Your User name is the first part of your GT Online address i.e. the part before the



You have set up your computer to connect to the Internet with GT Online.