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Private User Web Site Listings
Name Web Site Title Last Modified
 Guernsey Jumbulance Holidays & Friends of the Guernsey Jumbulance    9/24/2001 6:41:00 PM
 Ladies College class of 2001  Ladies College class of 2001  9/22/2001 1:49:00 PM
     8/26/2001 11:18:00 AM
 Guernsey Wargames club  Guernsey Wargaming Society  8/13/2001 7:52:00 PM
 WrestleZone  shawnsmusic  8/11/2001 9:18:00 PM
 Thursday Coffee Group  Thursday coffe group website!  7/28/2001 11:35:00 AM
 Guernsey Softball Association  Guernsey Softball Association  7/16/2001 11:45:00 AM
 Guernsey Armouries  Guernsey Armouries - Batterie Generaloberst Project  7/3/2001 7:54:00 PM
 Alcoholics Anonymous  AA Guernsey  5/10/2001 5:02:00 PM
 Guernsey Amateur Dramatic & Operatic Club Social Committee  GADOC SOCIAL NEWS  5/9/2001 7:30:00 PM
 North Social Club  North Social Club  4/25/2001 1:41:00 PM
 Guernsey Bar Billiards Association    4/20/2001 9:33:00 PM
 Sea Cadet Corps  TS Sarnia - Guernsey Sea Cadet Corps  4/4/2001 9:21:00 PM
 Sarnia Sword Club  Sarnia Sword Club  4/3/2001 8:39:00 PM
 amanda    3/18/2001 11:51:00 PM
 St Martins School  SMPS - is CLOSED - Now VC!  3/5/2001 6:09:00 PM
 Guernsey Shotokan Karate Club  Guernsey Shotokan Karate Club  2/21/2001
 Kidz Kingdom  Kidz Kingdom  1/19/2001
 Guernsey Mountaineering Club  The Guernsey Mountaineering club  1/16/2001
 G/24 Internet Radio  G/24 Internet Radio: Guernsey's First Internet Radio Station  1/6/2001
 Clos du Valle W.I.  Clos du Valle WI 2001  12/31/2000
 Kiddies Kingdom  Kiddies Kingdom  12/31/2000
 Holy Trinity Church  Holy Trinity Parish Church, St Peter Port.  12/27/2000
 Mental Health Info & Links  Mental Health Info & Links -  9/12/2000
 Guernsey Southern Agricultural & Horticultural Society  Guernsey Southern Agricultural & Horticultural Society  8/6/2000  Mental Health Info & Links -  7/15/2000
 Guernsey Youth Theatre    7/4/2000
 Vale Church    6/7/2000
 Orthomolecular Oncology  Orthomolecular Oncology  5/11/2000
 Guernsey Basketball Association    4/1/2000 7:59:00 PM
 Chartered Institute of Marketing Guernsey  Chartered Institute of Marketing Guernsey  3/19/2000 3:07:00 PM
 Guernsey Tenpin Bowling Association  Guernsey Tenpin Bowling Association  3/9/2000 12:11:00 PM
 Insurance Institute of Guernsey    3/7/2000 9:03:00 PM
 wef  Community test page  
 The Stage Door Theatre Company  The Stage Door Theatre Company