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Guernsey Press - Tuesday 24 April 2001


Photo show a new way of pets winning prizes


A pet show without the pets was a big success.

Jessica Valpied organised the Sunset photo show where picture of people's pets were judged.

the 16-year-old received more than 200 picture from 21 people all across the UK.

'Unfortunately I have not received many entries from people in Guernsey.

'It is a new thing here and I am trying to get them interested,' said Jessica.

People were able to enter pictures of their pets in 15 different categories. They were judged on appearance, but also on the quality of the picture.

'We see if the animal is centred in the photograph and focused. 

Sometimes a picture does not look completely focused because it is not glossed,' said Jessica.

All entries received a rosette and the winners were awarded a certificate as well. the results will be published in a booklet that the contestants can order from Jessica and the results will appear on her web site as well.

She organised the show to raise money for Guernsey Animal Aid.

Chairman Terry Dowinton was very pleased with being the chosen charity.

'It is a great idea. We Welcome all these effort to raise money for our charity.

'Jessica is obviously a great lover of animals and she combines her love of photography,' he said.

The idea to organise her own show was born after Jessica had entered several shows in England.

'I have many pets myself, including rabbits and guinea pigs, and i like taking picture of them.

'I also like seeing other people's animals. you don't actually know the people, but you get to know them through their animals.

'They look after them, so they must be nice people,' said Jessica.

It is the second show Jessica has organised the first one was in February and received a lot of reaction.

'I had 23 people who entered which is a lot for a first show. this time not as many people entered, but they did send more pictures.

The College of Further Education student has plans to hold four or five competition each year and ideas to expand the competition.

'I Have many ideas, the trouble is to find time to do it all,' she said.


Cats Galore: Gingers, tabbies, long-haired and sort- haired, the photo shows had picture of cats of all shapes and sizes.   (1175/23/01)


Party Animals: these collie dogs were kitted out in their party finery when they were photographed by their owner. (1175/21/01)


Top Dogs: Pooches of all shapes and sizes were shown in prints submitted by their owners. (1175/30/01)


Well organised: Jessica Valpied left, seen here with her sister, Candice Crowson, and the only live animal at the show, her pet rabbit Moonlight (1175/36/01)


Judging: Animal Aid's Terry Dowinton joins Barbara Crowson, Jessica Valpied and Candice Crowson in reviewing the picture submitted for the competition. (1175/15/01)





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