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Sunset Stud


This is what Sunset Stud hutches look like in 1999 it had 18 Cages all different sizes

And NOW the Stud look like this for 2001 it has 20 cages all 4 foot and bigger

Sunset Stud has 8 rabbits, 31 guinea pigs (cavies), 4 gerbils, 6 duges, 3 Jirds, rat and a hamster 


Information  on the Rabbits in Sunset Stud

At the moment Sunset Stud has lots of different breeds of rabbits, 2 Dwarf Lops, 1 Mini Lops 2 Dutch, 2 Neth Dwarf, and 1 Alaska. A lot of the rabbits are very old that why will be get by 2002 I will be getting some Red New Zealand's Rabbits. this will be the main breed I will keep. I will still be keep the old rabbits until there died there all mean some thing to me. 


This Photo is of my old rabbits in 1995 I had. These rabbits where the first I had in the stud, they are all dead I only have one rabbit left from this group his name is Moonlight.

 I will all way love these rabbits because I wouldn't have my Stud today!.  

Mary (Top centre, Black and White Dutch Doe), Moonlight (Bottom left Black and White Dutch Buck), Twilight (bottom, right brown and white Dutch Buck) Snowy (centre white Neth. dwarf Doe), Spot (top right black and white Dutch Doe) and Daisy (Top left gray and white Dutch doe).

Sunset Stud rabbits have all done very well at shows. In 1998 we won Best Junior Rabbit at the Guernsey Rabbit & Cavy Club


In 1998 with also won Best Pet Rabbit at the Guernsey Fanciers. With my old rabbit called Moonlight

We also won Best Team in 1998 with 3 Baby Chill Polish. I sold them I only keep one her name is Misty


The Stud was won a lot of Rosettes for Best Pet Buck and Doe


With help from the people at the Guernsey Rabbit & Cavy Club, I  wouldn't be here! Thanks.





Information on the Guinea pigs (Cavies) in Sunset Stud

At the moment Sunset Stud has lots of different breeds of Guinea pigs, 7 Chocolate self, 9 Rex, 3 Abys, 1 red Dutch, 1 red self, 1 creams crested satin, 3 cream self, 2 white self, 1 long hair, 2 white England crested, 1 beige self, 6 agouti (lemon, chocolate) 

The ones and twos are all old guinea pigs, when the old guinea pig died I will be only keep in the stud, chocolate self's, rex, abys, white and cream self's and some created.


This photo below is of Patch he was my first guinea pig in the stud he died about 1 year ago. When he died is was 6 years old. He started me of with guinea pigs, I got him a friend and than a other friends and so on. I had about 6 Guinea pigs and I started to show them, it is good fun to show GP because you have to wash them before the show.






The Guinea pigs in the stud have not won a lot, as I lot of them are pet, but I have hope with my new Guinea pig ( chocolate, cream, white self, rex, aby, and some created)


But have won lot best pet in smooth, rough and long hair.




Also best Junior in 1998 , 1999, 2000




and best cream/white/red self in 1998, 1999, 2000





The photos below are some of my guinea pigs

Gold Dust (satin boar), Desert Dust (Satin Crested Boar)




Information on the Rodents in Sunset Stud

Sunset Stud only has only some rodents 4 gerbils, 6 duges, 3 Jirds, rat and a hamster 

All the rodents are only pets.









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