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Sunset Photo Show

10th August 2001


Class 1 : Horse / Ponies 

20 Entries

1st Mrs A James - Arab mare and foal

2nd Susan Jamie - Magic, 14.2hh bay mare
3rd Mrs Deirdre Carter - Ella Greg, arab mare
4th Alison Wassell- Dylan, 5 year old 15.1hh gelding cod
5th Susan Jamie - Barney, clydesdale colt 8 weeks old
6th Michelle Wilkins - Major, shire horse
Special Susan Jamie - Sonny, Shetland gelding


Class 2 : Dogs / Puppies

25 Entries 

1st Mrs Deirdre Carter - Russ, 5 year old jack russell terrier
2nd Mrs Deirdre Carter - Bonnie, 6 months border collie
3rd Susan Jamie - Jodie, 2 year 4 months cocker spaniel girl
4th Carol Pervical - Sasha, 3 year old female german shephed
5th Dee Daubney - Misty, 6 year old border collie x lab
6th Vikki Buchanan - Barney, 16 week old german shepherd puppy
Special Miss Paul Sutton- Whisper, 9 year old collie



Class 3 : Cats / Kittens

34 Entries 

1st Vikki Buchanan - Tigra, 8 year old female brown classic tabby
2nd Susan Jamie - Tim, 18 years old male black and white cat
3rd Mrs A James - Quirice, male cat
4th Mrs Deirdre Carter - Jethro, 3 years old tabby and white male
5th Miss Paul Sutton - Teddy, 3 year old oriental
6th Nicola Rowe - Oliver, 10 year old tom cat
Special Alison Wassell - Barney, 4 1/2 years old british short hair cat



Class 4 : Rabbits

38 Entries

1st Dee Daubney - Toffee, 4 year old yellow dutch doe
2nd Mrs Michelle Wilkins - Thumper, lop eared rabbit
3rd Miss Claire King - Saxon, 1 3/4 year old french lop buck
4th Dee Daubney - Riley, (x lop) 3 years old buck and Truffle, (x Dutch) 5 year old doe
5th Dee Daubney - Mr Toast O'Riley, 18 months
6th Miss V.J Minns - Fudgie, 6 years & 4 months dwarf lop
Special Sarah Baxter - Jesse, 1/2 year old female and Jackson, 2 years male English Spot



Class 5 : Guinea pigs / Rodents

5 Entries

1st Sarah Baxter - Ginger, 4 1/2 years boar Guinea Pig
2nd Alison Wassell - Ginger, 12 month old female guinea pig
3rd Miss Sarah Baxter - Archie & Oakley, 6 month hooded rats male
4th Susan Jamie - white female Guinea pig
5th Mrs S J Oakley - Raggie, Fancy rat 10 months


Class 6 : Any Other Animals

21 Entries

1st Susan Jamie - cockerel
2nd Mrs A James - Female Gorilla at bristol zoo
3rd Dee Daubney - cow
4th Susan Jamie - fallow deer doe
5th Mrs Michelle Wilkins - Rodney Ram
6th Mrs Deirdre Carter - Frogs
Special Deborah Hill - Pedigree white park calf



Class 7 : Cute and I know it!

58 Entries

1st Mrs Deirdre Carter - Jethro, 3 months male tabby & white
2nd Miss Paul Sutton - Summer, 4 months old female
3rd Sarah Baxter - Jesse, 1 1/2 year female english spot
4th Vikki Buchanan - Tigra, 7 year old brown classic tabby
5th Miss Claire King - Saxon, 1 year male french lop
6th Alison Wassell - Rolo and Mark, 4 months tom cross bred
Special Hazel King - Rose and Mark, 5 week old blue burmese kittens



Class 8 : Your Pride and Joy

47 Entries

1st Carol Percival - Jumbo, 9 year old GSD x
2nd Miss Paul Sutton - Whisper, 8 year old collie
3rd Hazel King - Polly chocolate burmese with her kittens Mark, Luke and Rose
4th Vikki Buchanan - Anakin, 18 months silver classic maine coon
5th Susan Jamie - Jodie, 5 year old cocker spaniel
6th Miss Claire King - Saxon, 2 year & 10 Months french lop male
Special Karya Simpson - Tanya, 3 year old girl yorkshire terrier


Class 9 : Group Photo

25 Entries

1st Miss Paul Sutton - Whisper (Spotty nose & Big ears) with 3 of 7 puppies - Summer (Laying down) Blue (Behind summer), Sunny (Alias chunk as he is so big!)
2nd Michelle Wilkins - Goats
3rd Miss Jo Evers - Mouse & Muffins, 2 Miniature ponies and Jo friend
4th Vikki Buchanan - Chandle & Joey, 16 weeks ginger & white rascals
5th Miss Sarah Baxter - Jesse (Female 1 1/2 years old english spot) and Jackson (Male 2 1/2 years old english spot)
6th Nicole Rowe - Oliver, 10 year old tom cat and Candy 10 year old queen cat
Special Caroline Bates - SGT Pepper


Class 10 : Headstudy

25 Entries

1st Alison Wassell - Dylan, 15.1 hh cob x gelding 6 years old
2nd Mrs A James - Part Bred Arab
3rd Vikki Buchanan - Barney, 7 months GSH puppy
4th Michelle Wilkins - Molly, 3 year old cocker spaniel
5th Susan Jamie - Otter
6th Dee Daubney - Misty, 10 year old border collie x lab
Special Miss Sarah Baxter - Bensi, 16 year old male cross collie, alsatian


Class 11 : Good Looking Boys

41 Entries

1st Vikki Buchanan - Kasper, 5 year old male tabby
2nd Miss Jo Evers - Tempo, 3 year old appoloosa colt/stullion 15hh
2nd Deborah Hill - Trusty Rusty, 4 year old welsh 15hh
3rd Miss Paul Sutton - Sunny, 5 year old collie
4th Mrs Michelle Wilkins - Oscar, 2 year old jack russell
5th Dee Daubney - Mr Toast O'Riley x lop 3 year old male
6th Miss Claire king - saxon, 6 months old male french lop
Special Mrs Sandra Oakley - Smokey Tom, 3 year old cross
Special Miss V.J Minns - Zah, 3 1/2 year old male mini lop



Class 12 : Gorgeous Girls

40 Entries

1st Miss Paul Sutton - Whisper, 8 year old collie
2nd Susan Jamie - Jodie, 4 year old cocker spaniel
3rd Miss Jo Evers - Dotty (Mum) and her fully foal, Lindy
4th Vikki Buchanan - Tiger, 8 year old brown classic tabby
5th Mrs Deirde Carter - Bramley, female black and white cat
6th Miss V.J Minns - Amber, 1 year old female dwarf Lop
Special Karya Simpson - Tarya, 8 months girl yorkshire terrier



Class 13 : "Me and My Owner"

23 Entries

1st Mrs Deirdre Carter - Shep, 8 year old GSD dog
2nd Susan Jamie - Jodie, 2 year and 10 months cocker spaniel
3rd Miss Paul Sutton - Whisper, 8 year old W/Sheepdog
4th Deborah Hill - Daughter Rebecca with her pony 9 year old welsh 12.2hh
5th Mrs Deirdre Carter - Pigit
6th Michelle Wilkins - Basil
Special Karya Simpson - Tanya, 10 months girl yorkshire terrier
Special Mr Oakley - pepper, 7 months male mini lop eared rabbit



Class 14 : Best Photography

51 Entries

1st Michelle Wilkins - Robin
2nd Miss Paul Sutton - Whisper, Summer, Sunny, Blue, Pippa, Purdey at their 4th birthday party
3rd Susan Jamie - Parrott
4th Vikki Buchanan - Sascha, 8 week old female german shepher puppy
5th Michelle Wilkins - otter
6th Carol Percival - Heather, 14.2 hh horse
Special Dee Daubney - Clawed, 9 year old chinchilla doe


































This is the schedule 

CAPerS Challange Show



Classes are OPEN to all animals/subjects, unless otherwise stated:

1) Horses / Ponies

2) Dogs / Puppies

3) Cats / Kittens

4) Rabbits

5) Guinea pigs / Rodents

6) Any other Animals

7) Cute and I Know it!

8) Your Pride and Joy

9) Group Photo (Group 2 or More Subjects)

10) Headstudy

11) Good looking Boys

12) Gorgeous Girls

13) "Me and My Owner"

14) Best Photography



2 tier rosettes for 1st - 3rd, 1 tier rosettes for 4th - 6th in each class. specials awarded to most entered and to the judged favourite: EQUINE, DOG, CAT, RABBIT, GUINEA PIG, RODENT and OTHER ANIMAL.

Huge rosettes to best in show and reserve in show (Chosen from all 1st placings). Large rosettes to Champion and Reserve Champion (Chosen from all 2nd placings). Classes may be split or extra placings awarded if funds and entries warrant.


Entry Fee

3-9 entries is 45p entry (minimum of 3 entries per person)

10+ entries 40p entry or

** as many entries as you like for 8.00**

For one pound you can have full colour copy of the photo shows results with photos printed.


Details Required

On the back of EVERY photo, write CLEARLY the animal (s) NAME, AGE, SEX, BREED along with your NAME and ADDRESS and CLASS/ES ENTERED. one photo may be entered into more than one class, as long as it is paid for in each class entered.

Enclose a LARGE, STRONG and PREFERABLY PADDED, ENVELOPE (at least A4 size - no smaller), with at least 1 coin attached for our local stamps (from Guernsey, English stamps cannot be sent to UK) for the return of your photos, rosettes/prizes and results.

Make cheques and postal orders payable  to: Miss Jessica Valpied. if sending cash please tape it to strong card and place it inside an envelope for safety. please allow up to 2 weeks to receive you results 



Send your entries to: Miss J Valpied (August Show)

                                    Pres Du Moullin

                                    2 Camp Du Moulin

                                    St Martins


                                    Channel Islands

                                    GY4 6DZ


If you have any problems or questions, please write to me at the above address (enclosing a SAE) or phone me (Jessica) on: 01481 234223 or 07781 118604, or email me [email protected] and I'll be delighted to help. 



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