Adrian Norman

Name Adrian Norman
Aliases Ad, Norm, 
Height 6'
Weight 12st and proud of it
Position Chief Fluffer
Age 25
Due to his Pakistani-esque appearance, Ad has been likened to some of the world's greatest players. Unfortunately these comparisons are unerringly inaccurate and the only trophy this young hopeful has won is for dribbling up his own arse.  Rumours abound that Adrian is about to be re-united with some of his fellow Al Quaeda, as the Colombians are currently looking to extend their overseas quota of players via a scouting mission by Ollie Goddard to the Khandahar region.

On the up side, Ad is renowned for his referee baiting, short (but regular) spurts and is a genius in the post match showers. Another player poached by Colombians pimp, Phil Radford.

Works best with a hangover.

Further rumours extend that Ad is about to head for the Big Smoke to support Stuart Le Feuvre in his efforts to promote Colombians hockey in London!