Chris Harvey

Name Chris Harvey
Aliases Ginger Ringer
Height 5' 9" (6' with hair gelled up!)
Weight Don't care
Position Right half, emergency Stryker (notice the Y)
Age 18
This floppy fringed ginger midfielder is the only ringer in town. Sets up goals, scores goals and TJ has taken as his 'pupil', been walking funny even since!

Has recently starred in the Colombians cricket team as a quality opening pace bowler and stunning fielder, with catch of the season.  Hot news off the press he has recently been voted as cricketer of the month. Let's hope this transfers to the hockey season.

If he fails his A-level results and doesn't get into Uni then he could be an ideal replacement for Rob Newton up front.

He has a perverse fetish for having cigars stubbed out on his naked body!!