Edward Benfield

Name Edward Benfield
Aliases DJ Benny
Position Defender, Midfield, Forward
Age 22
Left the island a few years ago as an annoying jack the lad who could play hockey a little. Can play in any position on the park. Runs all day, tackles like a mother, dribbles with skill, scores at will...one of those annoying little w*****s who can do it all on the pitch. His speciality move is panhandling at pace and direction and usually scores. His claim to fame is spinning cd's on his nipples in front of Pat Sharp (Radio DJ) who was suitably unimpressed. Picks up girls easily but doesn't realise that they only want to mother him.

Now back in Guernsey working as an inputting clerk for Colombians cricket team sponsors, Investec Bank.  However some claim that he is actually employed as a professional e-mailer and distributor of internet filth.

Rumours abound that he is actually interloping with a female colleague, despite the fact that he is still betrothed to a bird in the UK.  The known facts are that he definitely intends to be traveling at the end of the 2002/03 hockey season.