Chris Gill

Name Chris Gill
Aliases Gilly, Captain Gill, The Fish
Height 5"10'
Weight Getting heavier
Position Midfield, Forward
Age 26
As his fish related surname may suggest, there are questions over Chris's historical background. Although a local boy both at heart and in presence, it is often hard to believe the frequent denials of any ancestoral affiliation with our underwater friends. The way he "glides" past opponents, the way he leaves defenders in his "wake", and above all, the general mystery surrounding his "fishy tackle" (nothing to do with the way he makes challenges!).

Fish or no fish, Chris is undoubtedly one of the best strikers of the ball in local hockey. His displays from the top of the D on short corners can be awesome. However, as with other things, when he actually enters the box his performance can be somewhat disappointing.

However, he can be summed up as just being a "true professional" (in what particular aspect of life is open to debate).