Jamie Chambers

Name Jamie Chambers
Aliases Pork and Fish, Jose
Height 5'10''
Weight Same as a kitchen porter
Position Defender
Age 22
Usually players at sweeper but can play anywhere. Very talented and plays in the Guernsey first eleven. Still gets carded and makes dirty fouls, he is a rock of the team. The only Portuguese hockey player of any repute. Admirably displayed his first love of looking at the insides of fish intestines on a recent Colombian fishing trip. Very funny when drunk, loves talking to girls and will often be found following girls arses round nightclubs.

Gay rumours dogged Jamie for a while but were finally put to bed when he snogged the second earliest bird in Guernsey.  Also turned up in Follies one night with a bit of a looker, rumour has it that he paid for her.

Jamie is possibly the only player in Guernsey who is a worse loser than TJ.  On the rare occasion when Colombians lose a match Jamie is the first to his car, but to get home, not to get to the pub.

Currently has a celebrity photograph of himself, with a 10 foot by 5 foot snap of him playing hockey in the Clubhouse Bar at La Collinette Hotel.  Reactions have varied and most are not printable on this site!