Matt Elston

Name Matt Elston
Aliases Python, Scrote
Height 5' 9"
Weight Of a feather
Position Utility Player - Defence and Midfield
Age 25
Colombians latest signing, Matty Elston, finally signed after protracted wage negotiations - he finally signed for a bag of chips and a topless hand shandy. He is the latest of the Colombians to visit A & E for a hockey related injury.  During a recent off-season hockey match he charged down a short corner and took a shot full in the plums.  After 15 minutes of crying and puking at the pitch side he made the now infamous Colombian trip to A & E...hence the nick name.  Rumours are that he may be investing in the ultimate unic accessory for next season - a BOX!!

A talented first team island player, he has the ability to play in several spots but seriously need to brush up on his skills in Follies...although signing for Colombians is clearly a huge step in the right direction.