Nick Slinn

Name Nick Slinn
Aliases The Arm
Height 6'2''
Weight All in his right arm
Position Defender, midfielder
Age 28
Undoubtedly the hardest player in the team. His arm wrestling skills were to the fore at Easter 2001 as he battled unbeaten through at least thirty contests of strength. Continues to build up his strength in his right arm nightly. His biceps and forearm on his right arm are rumoured to be at least three inches larger in diameter than his left. Supports Wimbledon and drinks a lot.

Rumours have circulated that Nick has spent the Summer at an arm wrestling training camp in Tonga and has been on a strict training diet of whale blubber.  This is following on from a recent arm wrestling competition where allegedly a, somewhat fatigued, Arm lost a match to Kees.