Peter Carey

Name Pete Carey
Aliases Berserker
Height 5' something
Weight Quite a bit
Position Midfielder
Age 1.5 x his girlfriend!
Pete may have lasted the full duration of the Easter Festival but rumours abound that he can't last the full duration in the sack. His sack may be bursting but it only full of semi frozen pizzas stolen from Le Riches. Was elected Colombian of the year 2001 for dumping his girlfriend because she got in the way of his hockey. This ever ready Colombian will turn up to the opening of an envelope.

Do not wind this player up or he will bezerk. Once he sees the red mist he won't stop running at you.

Another Colombian to recently be pimped into Colombians cricket team sponsor, Investec.

Has also been recently co-opted onto the GHA committee as registration secretary.