Philip Radford

Name Phil James Radford
Aliases Pheg, Philleus Fogg
Height 6"2'
Weight Same as 23 crates of Smirnoff Ice
Position Central Defense, Upstairs bar in Folies
Age 26, Physical Age 53, Mental Age 2000 (same as Yoda)
Pheg is a founder member of the Colombians and last season took over as captain of the 1st team side. He is known for his calmness under pressure but not however for his punctuality (he would probably be late for his own funeral). He is a committed defender and each season makes several trips to the St. Johns ambulance station where the local junior doctors practice their stitching.

Phil has helped to make several key signings for the Colombian cause, however, this has helped in the decline of his physical prowess as each signing has been made at the bar in Folies (Folies díAmour is the local night club where many Colombians can be found each weekend). This has cost him many hundreds of pounds buying tequila, apple sours, and sambuca.

Throughout his career his composure has been well documented, during the wettest and windiest game not one of his hairs will be out of place. Even once while racing to a Colombian social event he crashed through a hedge and into someoneís car parked in their driveway, finishing inches from their living room window. The subsequent picture in the Guernsey Press showed the utter carnage, and there he was in the bottom corner of the picture looking pristine, not a hair out of place.

The only chink in his armour is the fact that he cannot drink any sort of beer. This came about during his younger days when he moved in with several other Colombians in a large house for the summer. In a 6 month period he lived on toast, beans and lager. He became ill and so had a test done and it turned out he had developed a yeast allergy, the poor guy hasnít had a pint since, he has been condemned to a life of alcopops.