Richard Radford

Name Richard Radford
Aliases Reg, 
Height 5" 9.5'
Weight 12st
Position AWOL
Age 29
Reg is the inspirational captain of the Colombian second team. He is famed for giving the impression that he is out of control when in fact he has everything firmly in check. He never hits the back of the net, and when he does he is the epitomy of modesty!

He is the driving force behind many a Colombian social, occupying the position of Chairman of WAM (Weights And Measures) with great aplomb. His finest hour has to be ordering a round of Peach Schnapps and pickled eggs - something Ollie has never recovered from. Or maybe eating ham from his brother Phil's nose during the infamous Easter Festival 2001.

Many a night Reg has been seen leading the charge from the front in St. Peter Port, only after he has obtained a 'pass' from Lucy (his better half).

Unfortunately Reg suffers from an unhealthy like for small woodland creatures. This is something that we do not like to mention in front of other Colombians but is certainly not something that can be ignored, especially when it involves other players pets. Don't get us wrong, Reg is solid, but then how trustworthy can a man be who fiddles with Ferrets!!!

Reg = Rarely Entertains Girls!!!!!!!

Reg is due to be married in August 2002 so watch out for a stag party near you.  There was a jaunt to South of Spain - supposedly for a stag do.  Happenings from this trip cannot actually be legally printed on this site.  For further info go to the site of a lap dancing venue from Puerto Banus - called Crescendo!!