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1 BIG IN JAPAN This game is big in Japan, so much so that there is a craze where teenagers like to dress up as characters from the game and photograph each other in costume. Its now about to hit the big screen without these sad teens, but what is it ?
2 WHAT'S UP WITH DOWN UNDER Two of the most anticipated films of the millennium were / are being filmed Down Under--can you name each of them and their respective locations?
3 EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY Ray Bradbury's short story "The Veldt" is part of what novel?
In 1967, who was holed up in the Hotel Chelsea working on the novel that became one of science fiction's most famous films?
5 PILOT OF THE FUTURE This hot-pot eating Lancashire man was sidekick to a space travelling hero, who were they and which famous singer wrote a song about them ?

6 BETTER OFF DEAD Hollywood is binging on this dearly departed science fiction author's back catalog of 460-plus works--can you name him?
7 MAY THE SWARTZ BE WITH YOU Name Mel Brooks' contribution to the science fiction film canon.
8 IN SPACE, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU PILFER The creators of "Alien" cannibalized this 1958 film--can you name it?


Who came up with the famous transition sequence between the prehistoric apes and the present day (well it is now !) in 2001 ? And who spotted him working on the idea ?
10 A STAR IS BORN, SQUARED   Infant actor (nearly) Drew Barrymore started her film career in this science fiction film--what was it?
11 DREW II Since we're on the subject of Drew Barrymore... her second film role was also a science fiction film--this one a record-smashing success--can you name it?
12 HIGH TREK Name the writer who penned the first 11 "Star Trek" novels as well as the first original "Star Trek" novel, titled "Spock Must Die" (the first 11 were based on the scripts from the series).
13 REPETITIVE DIALOGUE What worried phrase is uttered in all three films of the original Star Wars trilogy?
14 THE FIRST HAN SOLO? Who was originally cast as Han Solo for the first Star Wars movie? (Bonus question: Who was next in line for the role after Harrison Ford?)
15 REPLICANT DETECTOR What is the name of the device used in Blade Runner to detect replicants?