Classic SF - The SF Trivia Archive - Questions 2

New and Old trivia questions:

16 MAYBE ONLY HIS HAIRDRESSER KNOWS FOR SURE And now for today's question! In Blade Runner, was Rick Deckard a replicant himself?
17 ELECTRIC SHEEP Blade Runner was based on a short novel by which famous sci-fi writer?
18 TITAN What science fiction film featured the star-studded lineup of Matt Damon, Bill Pullman, Drew Barrymore, John Leguizamo, Janeane Garofalo, and Ron Perlman?
19 WHEN YOUR KIDS ARE FUNNIER THAN YOU Fox's "Futurama" features a writer who has a famous father considered by many to be decidedly unfunny. Can you name her?
20 KEEPING THE DICE ROLLING FOR OVER 25 YEARS What has three titles in's top ten science fiction list, a feature film now out on DVD, a rabid "underground" following, and the enmity of the religious right?
21 CANADIANS ARE PEOPLE TOO This 1985 novel was awarded the first Arthur C. Clarke Award (1986) and gained the reputation of best science fiction novel by a Canadian. Can you name it?
22 NOT MR. FURIOUS, BUT CLOSE ABC's success with the "Batman" television series spurred competing networks CBS and NBC to quickly cobble together a pair of short-lived superhero action dramas. Can you name one or both of them?
23 REMEMBER THE GARBAGE BARGE If you were the son of a world-famous science fiction icon and your first published novel was titled "Sidney's Comet," who would you be?
24 SEEING GREATNESS BEFORE IT SLAPS YOU UPSIDE THE HEAD Paul Williams is notable for his presence on two fronts--recognizing the significance of rock music, and recognizing the talent of one of science fiction's favorite sons. Can you name his contribution to either of these areas?
25 EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD The 1966 novel "The Waltz Invention" was one of the few science fiction titles by this literary giant. Can you name him?
26 SKINNING CATS ON MULTIPLE LEVELS His success in the science fiction field cannot solely be laid at the feet of his famous father-in-law, Poul Anderson--can you identify him? (Hint: His first novel was called "Hegira.")
27 UP THERE WITH THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE "The Philadelphia Experiment" was: A) the U.S. military's introduction of the beret to the standard uniform, B) a 1943 naval experiment into Einstein's Unified Field Theory, C) a formulaic 1984 movie about time travel, or D) the term used when referring to Will Smith's career.
28 JOHN GALT IS SMARTER THAN YOU Can you name Ayn Rand's hefty near future science fiction/philosophical tour de force from 1957?
29 TOXIC AVENGERS What was the last film master puppeteer Jim Henson worked on before his death in 1990?
30 RUSSIAN STYLE On the subject of Stanislaw Lem, which of Lem's novels was brought to the silver screen by Russian director Andre Tarkovsky?