Foreword - A Child's War

A Child's War - the German Occupation of Guernsey as seen through young eyes..

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by Sir John Loveridge Kt. CBE   Bailiff of Guernsey 1973-1982


It gives me great pleasure to write this Foreword to "A Child's War" by Molly Bihet.

I have known Molly all her life and her mother all my life.  I have then read this book with the greatest interest.

In writing the book Molly has rendered a great service to our Island and to posterity by placing on record the fateful years of the German Occupation as seen through the extremely perspective and extremely penetrating eyes of a very young and typical Guernsey school girl.

The Occupation years were long, bitter and agonising.  We all lived on a knife edge not knowing from day to day what next would happen and always in danger and appalling difficulties in the long struggle for the very survival of the life of our community.

The Occupation did result in one great and inestimable blessing.   In adversity may be, but it drew our people more closely together than ever before and knitted them into one large and united family.  It was a family which resisted to the fullest extent possible that Occupation and a family burning as ever with the fiercest pride of patriotism and of their Island and its heritage which the Occupation could never hope to weaken.

All this Molly brings out so clearly and so movingly in her book which should have a place of honour in the homes of all Guernsey men and Guernsey women.

May 1985

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