A Fighting Family


Bihet Family Tree

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My parents were given a photocopy of a newspaper cutting - It does not give the date (sometime in 1917?) or the newspaper (apparently of Guernsey origin), but can just make out most of the text. It was entitled 'A Fighting Family'

There are 6 photographs, together with a short description of the person concerned. 

You can see the article (in 2 parts)  by clicking here    Page 1   (Marcel, Constant, Ada, Jean) & Page 2  (Arthur, Ernest, & Harry Thomas)          

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Driver Marcel Bihet  (my grandfather)      Page 1

RFA, is a son of Mrs P Bihet, the Grange, Vale (Guernsey), formerly of Alderney.  Driver Bihet is now in India

Driver Constant Bihet      Page 1

Of the Divisional Ammunition Column, another son of Mrs Bihet, joined the first Alderney contingent. (His son Ken's name appears on the Alderney War Memorial - he was killed whilst serving as a radio operator with the Royal Navy in WW2)

Miss Ada Bihet      Page 1

A daughter, is a munition worker, employed in making cordite

Gunner John Bihet  (Jean)        Page 1

Of a Divisonal Ammunition Column, also a son of Mrs Bihet, now attached to a French Mortar Battery 'somewhere in France'.  (John's name later appeared on the Alderney War Memorial after being killed in action by shellfire)

Driver Arthur Bihet      Page 2

RFA, a son of Mrs Bihet, joined the Alderney Contingent, and was transferred to the RFA

Bombardier Harry Thomas         Page 2

A son-in-law of Mrs Bihet, formerly of the RGA and E, Alderney - has been transfered to a Trench Mortar Battery.  He was awarded the Military Medal on November 15 1916.   His wife Louise Bihet, served as a voluntary ambulance driver during 1914-1918

Leading Stoker Ernest Bihet        Page 2

another son of Mrs P Bihet, was recently invalided out of the Royal Navy.  He had served on HMS Empress of India and HMS Warrior


Pierre Marie Allain (brother-in-law of Marcel) also served - and died - during the Great War