Marcel George Bihet

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Marcel George & Marie Josephine (née Allain)    

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Son of Pierre François Desiré Bihet (3.11.1857 - 3.1.1937)  &   Marie Ann Desiré Picot

Photo of Marcel George & Marie-Josephine

Marcel George Bihet was born in Saint Martin, Jersey on 9 May 1891 and died 14 April 1949 (aged 59)

Marcel served as a 'driver' (of horses)   during the first World War, serving in North West India, then travelling back through Mesopotania to the Dardinelles (by which time the worst of the war there was over)

He moved to Guernsey (from Jersey, via Alderney) with his parents, and there met and married Marie-Josephine Allain on 28 March 1921

Marriage Certificate


Marie-Josephine already had 4 children from 2 earlier husbands who had died.  Those children were

Charles Perrot  m. Gabrielle who died whilst giving birth to Joan (m. Les Williams, 4 children: Julie, David, Cheryl & Neil), he later married Ruth

Yvonne Perrot m. Ernest Rault - one daughter Patricia (m. Roly Kite)     Yvonne died 5.11.1990 aged 84

Florence Michoux m. Jules Duceillier - one daughter Marguerite (m. Mike Tostevin 4 children:  Denise, Steven, Adrian & Andrew)

Louise Michoux m. Arthur Totty - children - Michael, Yvonne, Patricia


Marcel George and Marie-Josephine had 3 more children together

John Bihet  (22.1.1922  - 24.12.1989) m. Win Setters - daughter Marilyn (b.19.1.1952), 1 daughter, Sharon

Thérèse Bihet   (24.3.1926 - 18.12.1974) m. Les Salter (Wolverhampton)  -   4 sons  - John (1945-1985), Richard (b. Guernsey) Marcel and Leslie (b. 6.2.1962)

André Pierre Joseph Bihet    b. 12.1.1928  m. Molly Joan Finigan (b. 20.8.1931) on 9.12.1954.     2 daughters. 

            Sally (b. 15.12.1955) who married Michael Howlett, 2 children Ryan John and Carly Louise

            Carol (me)  b. 21.12.1959   now single again.  2 children: Joshua and Naomi Marie Cottam 


The Bihet family lived in Woodlands Cottage (on the site where B&Q are now), the Bouet, Guernsey, before moving to the flat above 5 Contrée Mansell, in St Peter Port.

The family had to leave Guernsey before the German Occupation of Guernsey, as only those who were born on the island were allowed to stay.   All others were advised to leave prior to the Germans arriving.  The older children were already serving in the Armed Forces.  André (at the age of 12) was evacuated with his school (St Joseph's) to Glasgow (see this page).   His parents followed, but it was some months before the family were reunited - Marcel went to Glasgow and found André, and the family settled for the duration of the war in Wolverhampton, at 3 Melbourne Street.  Marcel worked at a local Blacksmith's.

Whilst in Wolverhampton, Thérèse Bihet married Les Salter, and she was the only one not to return to Guernsey after the war ended. 

The family returned to their old home at 5 Contrée Mansell, to find the furniture had gone - but it was soon returned by the neighbours who had 'borrowed' it.  Marcel also returned to his job as a stoker at the Guernsey Gas Company.

Marcel Bihet died on died 14 April 1949 (aged 59), and his wife, Marie-Josephine (aged 76) on 31 August 1964.

Copy of Burial Plot purchase 1946        Marcel, Marie-Josephine (and her mother) are buried together at le Foulon Cemetery in Guernsey.


The Allain Family              Finigan/Collins family


Other Guernsey Bihets

There are other Bihets in Guernsey - Monica (Angele), a daughter of Ernest, and 4 children of another Marcel - known as Michael (a son of Ernest) -   Peter, John, Wendy and David. 


Picture from 'A Fighting Family'

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