Death of Auguste Marie Perrot


August Marie Perrot was killed at the age of 27, on 5 January 1911, whilst working at Ronez Quarry in St John, Jersey.

The following is from the Jersey Evening Post article of 6 January 1911.

The Fatal Accident at Ronez Quarries


Centenier Stanley d'Allain Du Feu (St John), stated that about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, he received a telephone message from the Ronez Quarries, informing him that an accident had taken place, and that a man named Auguste Marie Perrot had been killed.  Witness at once went to the Quarries, and on the way met Dr Symons, who had already seen the body.  Witness then interviewed Mr Howard, the Manager, who told him that Perrot and Le Maistre were dislodging stones at the top of the quarry.  For this work a rope was attached to some portion of the rock which they grasped with one had, whilst with the other they loosened the stones with an iron bar.   Suddenly a quantity of rock became loose, and struck Perrot in the chest, which casued him to release his hold of the rope, and he fell to the bottom of the quarry.

Witness had seen the widow, who handed him their marriage certificate, and deceased's livret.  The latter showed that deceased's name was Auguste Marie Perrot, and was born on the 31st May, 1883, at Bichulieu, Cotes-du-Nord, France.

He had received severe injuries to the head; there was a fracture of the skull; his legs were broken, the left foot being almost torn from the leg.  Deceased was most likely insensible before he reached the bottom.

Deceased was a man in the prime of life, and left a widow and 2 children.  The company expressed its sympathy with the widow and family of the deceased; and he was authorised to say that the Company would undertake to assist the widow.


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