Marie Louise Bihet

Thomas family

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in gratitude to cousin Millie for the information on this page

Marie Louise Bihet (b. 7.6.1889) 

Daugther of Pierre François Desiré Bihet (3.11.1857 - 3.1.1937)  &   Marie Ann Desiré Picot

married Henry Thomas on 24 November 1909


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They had 8 children:

Henry George (b. 31.5.1910) who married Eileen Tilly 3.6.1939 and had 2 children - Jan b. 1947 and Hugh b. 1953

Millicent Grace (who provided this information)   b. 29.2.1912

Marie May  b. 2.9.1913 and d. 9.9.1913

Arthur Ernest  b. 22.9.1914  married Ivy May Hatton 5.4.1941 - one daughter Patricia Mary b. 1947

Olive Frances  b. 26.3.1918  married Ernest Eaves  9.11.1940  - children, Ernest b. 1942, Anne b. 1944, Franes b. 1947

Louise Elsie  b. 19.2. 1920  married John Wilson - 2 children  Arthur John b. 1949 and Peter John b.1960

John b. 25.11.1921  d.  9.4.1945

Marcelle  b. 25.6.1923 married Eric House - daughter Vivienne b. 1954



This information has not been updated for many many years, and eg. does not include grandchildren. 

Millie died 6 or 7 years ago.



Picture from 'A Fighting Family'

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