Alyth & Bob Parsons - in Guernsey

Meet our cats

Our cats allow us to share their home - and they keep us entertained!


Hector is not a cat - he doesn't even think he's a cat!

I found Hector in the road near Saints Bay.

Click here for Hector's story and lots of pictures.

Molly was a very small and very frightened cat when she first arrived from Animal Aid - but she has gradually gained confidence (and weight)
Rufus is about ten years old. He had waited a long time at Animal Aid - seems nobody wanted hime because he was so old.  Guess I know the feeling!
Rufus & Molly relax together in their favourite chair!
Time for a cuddle. Rufus is very protective of Molly.
Tabitha - no longer with us - lived to be almost 20. A great companion and friend.
Moses came to us for a little while - but he played too rough for Molly and Rufus.

Moses moved on to another good home.

We didn't have any bulrushes - so Moses would hide in the money plants!
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