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Hector's story

Hector Hedgehog - born on (or about) 2nd July 2002


Hector was found in the road near Saints Bay, Guernsey.

He was nearly two weeks old and not quite able to look after himself - or to find his way home - so he's joined the family until he was big enough to return to the great outdoors!

At about three weeks, Hector was growing fast - but still enjoying human contact.
Hector's home was a deep plastic storage box in the corner of our bathroom.
On advice from the Guernsey Animal Shelter, Hector had a diet of kitten food and goat milk.
As Hector grew, he needed a new home. An appeal on BBC Radio Guernsey brought offers of a rabbit hutch - loaned for as long as he needed it.  Hector's new home was placed in a shady corner of the garden.
At about five weeks, Hector had grown but still accepted human company
Hector now weighed about fifteen ounces. His target weight is nineteen ounces - then he can be released into the wild.
On 14th July Hector weighed in at nineteen and a half ounces - big enough to face the outside world. In the evening, the hutch was opened up so that he could find his way out.  Seems he just wanted a final drink before leaving!

Hector takes a look outside of his hutch.

Well, I guess it's time to go and live a real hedgehog life!

Hector’s Prayer

Dear Higher Hedgehog

Help me find enough grubs and worms and cat food so that I can survive – and a bit more, please, for just in case.

Help me find safe shelter and warn me of bonfires, cars, dustbins and other things detriment to my survival.

Help me to learn the magical world of the hedgehog – I am a novice at this, but willing to learn.

Help me to find myself a mate, a beautiful one preferably, who will love me and give me my inheritance of young ones.

Help me to appreciate that You are with me and that all is well in Your world.

Help me, please, to be a good and happy hedgehog, doing what You designed me to do.

And at the end of my time here, help me to be a guiding light for all the other hedgehogs which may be struggling.


Our thanks to Jen for contributing Hector's Prayer



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