Alyth & Bob Parsons - in Guernsey

Meet Alyth & Bob - share our interests, hobbies and enthusiasm

Alyth & Bob came to live in Guernsey in September 1999. For Bob this was an ambition fulfilled, a dream come true.


Bob is Skills Development Manager for Information Technology at the Guernsey College of Further Education


Bob is chairman of the Guernsey Vegetarian Group - supporting vegetarian residents and visitors in Guernsey.


Bob is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Education, through Open University. In addition Bob is working to achieve Certificate for e-Learning Professional - a qualification in on-line learning

Bob's areas of specialisation include the provision of IT solutions for people with special needs

Bob is also interested in Philosophy, Spiritual Healing and Astrology.

Bob enjoys walking, meditating, vegetarian cooking (and eating), and a glass of red wine.

Reiki is the transference of universal energy, helping nature to heal. 

Alyth is a Reiki Master and Teacher, providing Reiki healing and  attunements for Reiki I and II.

Alyth teaches meditation and runs a drop-in meditation group.

Alyth is also a qualified Feng Shui consultant, registered with the Feng Shui Society.


Alyth enjoys walking, meditation, nature, cats, dogs, and all things Spiritual.  


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