Alyth & Bob Parsons - in Guernsey

Here are some of the pictures shown earlier - we aim to change our website monthly, reflecting the changing scenes in Guernsey

These photos were taken in February 2001. Yes, the sea really is that blue - even in February!  

 Alyth, posting a letter in town. Yes, our post-boxes are blue!

Don't adjust the colour, our post-boxes are blue - they have been ever since the States of Guernsey took over the running of our postal service
And our telephone boxes are yellow. With a quarterly rental of only 11 and un-timed local calls, we don't mind what colour scheme Guernsey Telecoms use! In the background of this picture is Castle Cornet, one of the many attractions for visitors.   And our telephone boxes are yellow. These are near the sea-front, overlooking Castle Cornet.
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