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New pictures added 05/08/2001



Ben Christopher made his bid for freedom, to Janey's great relief, on Monday 19th February 2001. His momentous entry into daylight came at 8:20am after a rapid but strenuous bid to escape his beleaguered Mum's womb.


His manly body (somewhat reminiscent of his Dad) weighed in at 6lb 9oz. His elfin little face is crowned with fine strawberry blond hair (watch out you girlies of the 21st century!)

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Dad's Birthday
 4th August 2001
10th June 2001
Pictures taken
8th April 2001
Pictures taken
18th March 2001
Pictures taken
25th February 2001

Ben celebrates his Dad's fiftieth birthday - 4th August 2001

Don't worry Uncle Richard you're not the next to reach 50

Not sure about you Wally?

Just keep smiling Dad - you're looking good!

What's with the wet T-shirt Mum?

Hey Mum! I'll never remember all their names

 I thought they were here to see Dad?

What - another wet T-shirt Mum?

The wind - she blows but they don't mind

Dig that "Touche"

Who's that guy playing the music?

Will I still look this good when I'm 50?

What a soppy picture - ahhh!

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Pictures taken at the Spinks Bar-B 10th June 2001

Barby-10-06-2001.001.JPG (134233 bytes)

Barby-10-06-2001.002.JPG (137507 bytes)

Barby-10-06-2001.003.JPG (61541 bytes)

Barby-10-06-2001.004.JPG (139927 bytes)

Barby-10-06-2001.005.JPG (139823 bytes)

This picture is not allowed said she who must be obeyed Barby-10-06-2001.007.JPG (128256 bytes) Barby-10-06-2001.008.JPG (95821 bytes) Barby-10-06-2001.009.JPG (132699 bytes) Barby-10-06-2001.010.JPG (136680 bytes)

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Pictures taken 8th April 2001

Especially for Bar and Phil up there in Meltham

and Mum & Dad!

Ben 08-04-2001-1.jpg (319488 bytes)

He would not sleep until his mother picked him up!

Ben 08-04-2001-2.jpg (319488 bytes)

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Pictures taken 18th March 2001

(Sally just had to get in to the picture)

Ben 18-03-2001 - 01.jpg (319488 bytes) Ben 18-03-2001 - 02.jpg (319488 bytes) Ben 18-03-2001 - 03.jpg (319488 bytes) Ben 18-03-2001 - 04.jpg (319488 bytes)

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Pictures taken 25th February 2001

Ben 25-02-01 - 01.jpg (319488 bytes)

Ben 25-02-01 - 02.jpg (319488 bytes) Ben 25-02-01 - 03.jpg (319488 bytes) Ben 25-02-01 - 04.jpg (319488 bytes) Ben 25-02-01 - 05.jpg (319488 bytes) Ben 25-02-01 - 06.jpg (319488 bytes)
Ben 25-02-01 - 07.jpg (319488 bytes) Ben 25-02-01 - 08.jpg (319488 bytes) Ben 25-02-01 - 09.jpg (319488 bytes)


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Charlie Ogier 05/08/2001