Care and Maintenance

There are several very good pages available to which I shall make reference in the next para., however, I would add the following to each of these pages:

  • Treat your outfit as you would a baby and therefore:

  • Do not leave it in a damp situation, alongside a radiator, or exposed to the sun's heat

  • when travelling by air if possible handle the instrument yourself, baggage can be roughly handled.

  • Do not leave it in full view on the back seat of a car. Most insurers do not cover an instrument left in a car.

  • Do insure the complete outfit.

  • slacken off the bow after use and do not be too zealous with rosin application.

  • Keep a check on your case fasteners. If you have an unzippable shaped case consider sliding a strong rubber ring over the narrow end to prevent inadvertent opening.

  • If there is no neck restraint in the case pad the instrument to prevent it rattling about.

  • Make sure that the case lid when shut does not push down on the top of the instrument. Please don't pack folded music on top of the instrument.

  • when walking about carrying the bow keep it pointed towards the ground.

  • I never leave my instrument and bow resting upon my orchestral chair - chairs are so easily jolted and long skirts can so easily brush the lot onto the floor.