Instrument Market

(The purpose of these pages is to help parents find and purchase larger sizes and better instruments for their children as they progress in their musical studies - they are not to be used for commercial advertising)

If you have a stringed instrument for sale or wish to find one, please e-mail me, phone or fax the details for inclusion. The family relic in the attic will only become worthless if left there and there is almost certainly someone over here with a need for it.

Violin Viola Cello Double Bass Bow

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  1. For Sale    4/4 Violin
    German trade. Red brown varnish. Fitted with Wittner Tailpiece, new rosewood pegs bridge and Corelli strings.(recent complete refurbishment) First class instrument to suit advanced student.

    VENDOR - No longer in Guernsey         AGENT - Tel: 264315

  2. For Sale    3/4 Violin Outfit
    Czechoslovakian 'Tatra' by Rosetti. Violin as new. Recently fitted with ebony pegs, Wittner Tailpiece and Thomastic Super Flex strings. Bow and case could be better. A good buy.

    VENDOR -Tel: 237203         AGENT - Tel: 264315

  3. For Sale    1/2 Size Violin Outfit
    An ideal outfit for a beginner. A bow rehair needed

    VENDOR -Tel: 249958         


  1. For Sale    New 15 1/2" Hoffner Bow and Case
    A new instrument. Brown varnish. Ebony fittings. Ricther Brazil wood bow optional

    VENDOR - 264315         AGENT - Tel: 264315

  2. For Sale    Romanian 16"
    Recently refurbished with ebony pegs, Wittner Tailpiece, Corelli strings. Good condition. Bow and Case - poor condition

    VENDOR -Tel: 257803         AGENT - Tel: 264315