4 Ozannes in France

Having retired from professional flying I am now in the fortunate position of being able to pursue ardently my 20 year old hobby of making, repairing and restoring instruments of the violin family. Years of playing the violin in orchestra and folk fiddling sessions have given me a sound understanding of what is required of an instrument.

Sonner Le Bois was the expression used for the activity of a French luthier and means 'to sound or tune the wood'. Using the principles advocated by Isaak Vigdorchik in his book 'The Acoustical Systems of Violins of Stradivarius and Other Cremonese Makers' I am now able to make consistently of a sonorous responsive nature besides being able quickly to assess the potential of an instrument. Buzzes,wolf notes, bridge tuning, bass-bar shaping are all easily determined and rectified using his theory.

My home is in Guernsey which enjoys a high standard of musical activity of all forms, whether it be through one of the several orchestras, pop, jazz,or folk groups, school youth orchestras or Suzuki Group. It is my wish now to be able to offer advice and help to all those playing or taking up an instrument of the violin family. Please feel free to contact me by