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This area will tell you all the information about why this company has been set up and what we can offer you and what we try to strive to do. This is the area where you can get to know us.

About us

    Our company wants to bring very high quality computers to you while also achieving very low costs which translates into very low prices for all hardware and computer systems. We started with the idea of having this company be a customizable computer company. Which is still at the center of our company. But as we progressed from this idea we came around that many customizable companies charge excessive prices for these hardware devices and computers. We felt that this needed to change.

    We started searching above and beyond and came up with a very good selection of quality and amazing hardware at a good price. This seemed to be the best offer we could get, so we moved on with it. But then we thought, to get lower prices for you we needed to bring our overall profits on these goods right down, and so we did. And this is why the hardware devices have such low prices.

    Of course we never lost site of the quality of the products. Which we regard very highly, with price too. And so this company came about. A very high quality and low priced company. This is for the customer who is you, not for excessive profits which companies get from their products. But also we are looking to grow too. And wish to be a global distributor/retailer of high quality, cheap products. 

    We just hope that you think the prices and quality is of very high standard and that you enjoy our products. And if your new to this company, please enjoy yourself here with our great products and prices. Thank you for reading this.



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Last modified: May 26, 2002